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Bridgd- a mentor ship platform for designers  


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Project type- Collaborative classroom project

Brief- "Build a community-driven mobile application"

Collaborators-Shruti Kembhavi, Chinmayee Samant, Urvi Kotasthane, Vaishnavi Patil, Radha Joglekar

About the project

As a group of designers, we felt like we were starved for honest and professional feedback, mentorship and collaborative opportunities with the industry, and so we decided to build a platform to solve for this.

The Idea


"Is it too crazy to bring online dating principles to say a platform like LinkedIn that houses professional interactions?"

We thought maybe not and decided to base our platform on online dating patterns coupled with a more professional correlation to our information architecture. 

If "speed dating a mentor" was an app, this would be it!

Our vision

To provide a space where finding collaboration and the right direction in the form of feedback is not burdened by the lack of a network as a young creative individual.


Our Mission

To "Bridge" the gap between young designers and the industry

Our TA's  Echo


Young industry professionals, Aspirational Designers, Freelancers, Students, Interns, Studios

“The creative community is so widespread. If only there was a way to connect and collaborate easily .”

-Soon to graduate designer

"Finding Talent is hard. So is answering internship emails”

-Studio owner

The Identity

We were inspired by the idea of our platform being the bridge between the industry and young professionals.

Why is the "e"  in bridged missing, you might ask?

Well, we asked ourselves what we found missing in our very own experiences and realized that expert feedback & mentor-ship, easy collaboration and excitement were all ideals we missed having in our creative encounters.

If you haven't already noticed, they all start with an "e" so we decided to let it go missing! With Bridgd, you find it!

Colour library and type considerations


A few hi-fidelity wireframes depicting a single idealized task flow.

-Raleway Regular

-Camijo Display

The Application

The application exists in two modes- one for the mentor and another for the mentee. For a distinction, while switching modes we kept a light mode and a dark one. Based on the user's usage and level of comfort they can apply the light and dark mode to what they might primarily be using or even keep it constant across the modes. This power lies with the user.

Here is the mentee's interface where one gets to see established designers who wish to connect with them for mentor-ship.

Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 3.03.09 AM.jpg

A Design


For The Self