Order in Chaos

-A manifesto-

This is an evolving page that is a small sum of conversations and pieces of text I have encountered and taken back with me .

I use this as my lighthouse.

The only way you can craft simplicity is with simplicity itself

Reality is complex but when in doubt run to Occam's razor.

“Prose” exists in “Purpose

No purpose holds true without articulation.

Write, and keep writing any and all the little and big ideas you might have.

Make and Make do
Your constraints are not your tools. Your constraints are when you don’t know the “how-to". Find out the “how” and make do with the tools, until you learn a tool itself.

A process is a prompt, not the plot

Synthesize your own narrative of how you will use a prompt and you will find a space where problem-solving stops becoming a forcefully deliberate process and starts becoming a waterfall of meaning. Don't be burdened by jargon and their seemingly singular meaning in a process or framework.

Take your ideas for a walk
Don’t hoard ideas. Share them with people and share not to impress but to merely apprise.

Listen, don’t justify

Work on first impressions and feedback by listening. If you have to justify, then you’re either not asking the right audience or you just very simply need to take what you got as feedback, back to the desk.