Project type- Classroom

Brief- "Break a Book"

The content of the book exists as a micro memoir of my life up until now in the form of free verse.

What goes around

comes right back around


Aim of the book

The outline was to "Break a Book" which I extended to "Break the Way You Handle and Interact with a Book"


If I was in an elevator with you, I'd catch you and say- "the very purpose behind even writing an autobiography is to take the reader through words and visuals but what if they very literally were made to come along and twist and turn a muscle with you?

Structure and outline

I was reading a piece of literature and was lucky enough to come across the word 'revolve' during the project and was struck by how you can extract bigger meanings out of a single word in itself, not just visually but even literally.

Handling of the book

A prototype of how the book will exist as growing ripples stacked one on top of another.

It's notable to mention that the idea to pinch the circle as shown, was inspired by how taco shells are folded into half!

Custom grid


Here's where I realized that the space on my paper was not going to be easy to make utilization of with the real estate being circular.

Took to nature and was inspired very simply a flower to make a grid and that would let me make use of the circular space I was getting into.

Hover over the bottom right corner of the video for some yummy paper or paper audio

Fiddling around with the final book